Canadian Team Permutations

After winning the CWG team title, Canada is in striking position for a team medal this year at worlds. The team will be led by their first world medalist, Ellie Black, who won a silver medal in the AA at worlds in Montreal. Black had a great showing at these championships, despite some troubles with her vaulting. Her floor routine and her bars routine both look very good, along with her usual lovely beam routine. She did take out her punch fronts on beam, but her D score remains competitive nonetheless at a 5.8.

VT: Black, ?, ?

UB: Black, ?, ?

BB: Black, ?, ?

FX: Black, ?, ?

The other gymnast who nearly solidified her status here is Shallon Olsen. Olsen showed a gorgeous DTY along with a Cheng on vault, a combo difficult enough to guarantee her an event final at worlds, and to challenge for a medal. She also showed some great tumbling on floor, with a double double, piked full in, triple full, and double tuck. With Black and Olsen on the team, the lineups would look like,

VT: Black, ?, Olsen,

UB: Black, ?, ?

BB: Black, ?, ?

FX: Olsen, ?, Black

With these two, there are some glaring holes on bars and beam. After this meet, a person who seems suited to fill these holes is Isabela Onyshko. Onyshko had some troubles on both bars and beam at this meet, but she showed great scoring potential, as well as placing third in the AA.

VT: Black, ?, Olsen

UB: Onyshko, Black, ?

BB: ?, Onyshko, Black

FX: Olsen, ?, Black

Now, with this team, there seems to be one spot left on each event. The most potent duo for these roles would be Brooklyn Moors and Brittany Rogers. Moors placed fourth in the AA here, and struggled on bars, vault, and floor, but aggressively hit her beam routine, which includes a front aerial to front tuck series. She also hit her floor routine in qualifications, and it was a beautiful routine. She has difficult tumbling, such as a front layout to double front combo, a Podkopayeva ( double front ½ out), and a 2 ½ to a front full. She also has beautiful dance and expression, which makes for a great routine. She has a handspring 1/1 vault, but it has been incredibly inconsistent, and she downgraded it to a layout ½ in finals. Brittany Rogers didn’t compete here (reportedly to save herself for team selection time), but she has the best Canadian bars routine, along with a DTY vault that she pairs with a Mustafina (RO ½ on 1/1 off). With Moors and Rogers on the team, it would look something like,

VT: Black, Rogers, Olsen (Moors)

UB: Onyshko, Black, Rogers (Moors)

BB: Onyshko, Moors, Black (Rogers)

FX: Olsen, Black, Moors (Onyshko)

This is a very balanced team that doesn’t have any true weak event. The one wrench that will be thrown into the team selection will be Ana Padurariu. Padurariu, a new senior this year, injured her foot at Elite Canada earlier this year. She did compete here, but she was limited to bars only, and while her routine was fabulous, with an inbar piked tkatchev, one event specialists will have a hard time making teams. When at full strength, she also has a gorgeous beam routine, with a side aerial loso loso combo, and a pretty floor routine. If she were competing the AA, she would likely have placed second to Black. If Padurariu can get her beam routine back by worlds, she’ll likely go to worlds in place of Isabela Onyshko.

VT: Black, Rogers, Olsen (Moors)

UB: Black, Padurariu, Rogers (Moors)

BB: Padurariu, Moors, Black (Rogers)

FX: Olsen, Black, Moors (Rogers?)

Though the ideal team for Canada includes Ana Padurariu, they’re still very capable without her. They can contend for a number of individual medals as well as a team medal, should the top teams falter.

Hope you enjoyed!

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