Worlds Preview: France

After winning the European team silver, the French have managed to put together a massively talented team this year. After losing vaulter Coline Devillard, expectations for a repeat team medal should be tampered. That said, they could snatch the bronze if things fall exactly right.

Team Members: 

Melanie De Jesus Dos Santos: 2017 European all around bronze medalist, world 2017 5th all around, 2018 European floor champion, the team´s ace, very legit all around contender, will do all four in TF

Marine Boyer: 2016 Olympic beam fourth place, 2016 European beam silver medalist, 2018 European beam bronze medalist, potential DTY and layout full on beam

Juliette Bossu: 2016 Olympian, 2018 European bars finalist, just doing bars I think, but her floor would be of use to the French team

Lorette Charpy: 2018 European bars finalist, will be expected to do everything but vault in TF

Louise Vanhille: 2016 Olympian, filling in for Charpy, probably will just do a Y-full in TFs

France has the goods on bars, beam, and floor to challenge for a medal. Their bars rotation is world class, and they have fantastic beam workers who will keep them near the top on that event as well. Floor is strong enough to tread water with a hit routine from Melanie, the European champion. Without Charpy and her Rudi, vault is the thorn in their side, where they only have one assured DTY. If Marine Boyer, who used to have a DTY, can bring hers back, France is just a stone throw and a China fall away from a medal. That said, if she can´t, the French will need some help to get a medal out of this.

Projected Lineups: 

VT: (Charpy) Vanhille, Boyer, DJDS

UB: (Boyer) Charpy, DJDS, Bossu

BB: (Vanhille) Charpy, DJDS, Boyer

FX: (Vanhille?) Charpy, Boyer, DJDS

The floor lineup is subject to change because of Bossu, who was a very good floor worker for France in 2016. If she´s competing it in Doha, she would probably take Boyer/Charpy´s spot.

All Around: 

Melanie DJDS is a very formidable all around gymnast these days, with every event of hers equally strong. Her evenness across the four pieces, combined with the big scores she can get on all of them, means that a hit day would very likely lead to an all around medal. She´ll likely be dueling for the bronze/silver medal with Melnikova, Murakami, and American #2 .

Lorette Charpy is likely to be the second all arounder, and while she´s passable enough, she doesn’t have the goods anywhere, except bars, to factor into the medal conversation.

If Marine Boyer is all arounder #2, see above, except switch bars for beam.

Event Final Prospects: 

VT: Without Coline Devillard, France won´t be looking to place anyone in the vault final.

UB: Bossu and DJDS can both make the final, but neither is very likely to medal without help. Charpy could also make the final, but she´d need help from one of her teammates to avoid the two-per rule.

BB: Boyer and DJDS placed third and fourth on beam at Euros, respectively. Both are contenders for medals here, but they aren’t as likely to medal as, say, Biles or Eaker or Chen or Wevers. Basically, they’ve got a lot of people to pass, but they can pull it off.

FX: France will hope for a medal from Melanie here, which is a possibility. Melanie is the European champion on this event, but when asked to go against Biles, Murakami, Moors, Saraiva, Melnikova, Fidelis and friends, it’s a tough fight. She can pull it off, though, it´ll just be harder than Euros.







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