My illustrious gymnastics career actually started with the Lifetime reality show, Dance Moms. I was fascinated by the dance, and I also loved the acrobatics in the show. After watching for a while, I started trying to replicate what they did. I actually managed to get some decent skills such as an aerial cartwheel, front aerial, and round off back handspring. Not bad for being self-taught.

I then joined dance for a year, which I liked, but by then I was hooked on learning new acrobatic tricks, so I started taking tumbling classes at a local gym. I loved using the equipment such as the tumbl trak and springboard floor. I got fairly decent, learning how to twist in front tumbling and such, but soon after, “disaster” struck. I was doing a front handspring front tuck on the floor. My takeoff on the front handspring was a bit off, but I kept going into the front tuck. Next thing I knew I was on the floor holding my knee. I was terrified that I would never be able to do gymnastics again. It turned out that I had merely hyper-extended my knee, and that I would be fine, but all I knew at the time was that my knee hurt and that I had to leave practice early. I ended up retiring after I hyper-extended it a second time, but it was fun while it lasted.

Nowadays I enjoy theatre, watching gymnastics, blogging about gymnastics, and doing tricks on a wooden plank in my backyard, which I call a balance beam. I plan on going to the 2028 Olympics and doing live blogs there (I’m only two states away from LA). I can’t wait for 2028, and I hope that, by then, my blog will have more recognition, and that young, aspiring bloggers will look up to me, just as I do with Lauren from the Gymternet and Spencer from the Balance Beam situation.